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Public orders

  • preparation of public order – preparation of tender documentation, finalisation and completion of tender documentation, announcement and publication of public order
  • administration in the course of term of submission of tenders –  organizational arrangement of reception of tenders, elaboration of certification of reception of tenders incl. list of served and accepted tenders, preparation of forms for appointment of evaluation committee including source materials necessary and needed for a proper course of session of evaluation committee, elaboration and arrangement of engagement letters and declarations on honour for members and substitutes of members of evaluation committee and so on.
  • administration connected with evaluation of tenders – organizational arrangement of evaluation committee, organizational management of the committee in the course of individual sessions, organizational arrangement of opening the envelopes with tenders, drawing up the protocols on all negotiations of evaluation committee, of evaluation committee of evaluation committee including all appendages and enclosures, analysis of tenders of applicants from the point of view of fulfilment of qualification criteria, analysis of tenders from the point of view of fulfilment of specifications, organizational arrangement of the course of judgment of tenders and so on
  • administration connected with termination of procurement procedure – elaboration of source materials for resolution of contracting authority as of award of public contract, notification of victorious party concerning resolution of contracting authority as of award of public contract, notification as of disqualification of party, elaboration and arranging of publication  of form of result of procurement procedure in Information system of Public Orders (ISVZUS) in Official Journal of the EU, publication of result pursuant to the requirements of Programme Regulations, elaboration of report of contracting authority as of course of procurement procedure in writing and so on
  • audits of public orders –  complex inspection of documentation of public order
  • competitive tenderings within the scope of drawing of grants out of EU funds- complex administration

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